The ATHENA Scholarship Fund Windsor identifies and provides scholarships to post-secondary students who excel academically, are outstanding leaders, have extensive community involvement and assist girls and women to reach their full potential.


The ATHENA Scholarship Program was created in 1999 in Windsor in keeping with the ATHENA philosophy, which maintains that by elevating people with potential and solid values, they will be exceptional role models and inspire others to achieve excellence. Recipients of this scholarship must be interested in increasing leadership opportunities for women, enhancing the quality of life in their community, mentoring, team building, and pursuing diversity.

The ATHENA Scholarship Program is supported by generous donations from private citizens, corporations, professions, academic institutions and community organizations.

In 2004-05 the ATHENA Scholarship Fund (Windsor) was established as a charity and is pleased to be a member of The Greater Windsor Community Foundation. ATHENA International has embraced the Scholarship Program and applauds this 'Made in Canada' initiative, which is being used as a model in the United States.